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Futures Lab knows the value of sponsorship. As part of our business strategy, we back the future talent, rising stars the best in education, sports, entertainment, the arts and culture, and we remain committed to supporting initiatives in the communities where we operate.


We sponsor ethically and responsibly with different properties across various industries and genres based on their ability to raise awareness of blockchain technology and support our business and brand needs. If you think you have something of interest, please feel free to submit your proposal via the admin@futureslab.io

As a global brand, we attract a huge amount of sponsorship requests. In order to meet our sponsorship objectives, it is Futures Lab policy not to sponsor the following categories: 

  • Political or religious associations 
  • Sponsorship properties which already have given significant brand exposure for our competitors in academic organisations 
  • Sponsorship properties that are perceived to have or encompass a violent or dangerous nature (e.g. boxing) 
  • Sponsorships where Futures Lab or its colleagues may have – or be perceived to have – a conflict of interest 
  • Sponsorship of teams (by exception only) 
  • Sponsorship of individuals (by exception only) 
  • An event which is due to commence within the next two months. 

Please check the applying for sponsorship section for the details we require for any application and then submit your details to admin@futureslab.io 

Please note that whilst EVERY proposal received is considered, we can only reply to those opportunities that we feel fit with existing marketing and business objectives and require further investigation. 

We will ensure that all enquiries sent to us are logged and held on file for future consideration should our focus and position change. 

Finally, if you are interested in charitable or community sponsorships, please contact Futures Lab Director of People for Community Affairs at admin@futureslab.io 


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Futures Lab works with educational global community organisations, schools and workplaces to provide educational content and fresh opportunities on blockchain technology and digital assets, to financially and economically enable communities. 
Futures Lab Scholarship program creates opportunities to conduct peer to peer financial education and learn about the blockchain and digital assets realm. We believe in recognising and rewarding talented learners, innovators and thought leaders.

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